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Come Learn Yoga Therapy with us and discover Long Life Movement – movement of your body, mind, and heart. We offer lots of ways for you to begin and to expand your understanding and connection.

Weekly Classes

Beginning Monday, July 19, 2021, we resume weekly Yoga as Therapy classes at the beautiful Mind, Body & Beyond Center located across the street from Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.


Join us in one of our workshops designed to help you feel better. Topics include – healthy knees, pelvic power, understanding your hip joint, strong backs, freedom from neck and shoulder pain and more.


We have trained many of the exceptional Certified Yoga Therapists in Jacksonville, Florida. Our trainings take you deeper into anatomy, physiology and how the mind / body integrates.

Private Sessions

Feel better with personalized instruction to meet your specific needs.


Join us on fun adventures as we include yoga and meditation in our get-a-ways.

woman relaxing in meditation as she rests on the floor on her back

Learn to Relax with Meditation

Reduce stress. Keep it simple. Practice being with what you love in the Instinctive Meditation approach. Join us in series classes, workshops, and privates to learn easy ways to begin meditating or expand your meditation practice. Discover the effortless way to relax and enjoy the healthy Life Long benefits of meditation.

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Offering weekly, in-person classes as well as workshops and trainings.